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Foundation Packages

Benefits of a SPEEDECK rafted foundation

Rafted foundations are economical as they combine both the foundation and floor slab, replacing ground beams and pre-cast flooring.

Requires minimal excavation therefore more environmentally friendly.

Flexible as can be used in mixed or poor ground conditions.

Reduces differential settlement.

Ideal for use when bearing capacity of soil is low.

Features of our Solution

By working with you early’ we produce the most economical foundation schemes that deliver financial savings.

SPEEDECK produce value engineered foundations through the use of our specialist knowledge and experience to identify suitable techniques for your project.

SPEEDECK have identified that, through modest investment in appropriate further site testing, savings can be generated by gaining further understanding of the in-situ soils.

All our schemes are 100% compliant with Warranty Providers, with whom we work closely, throughout the design development process.

Problems our solution resolves

Complex integration of Sub-contractors: We offer you a “one stop shop” for the foundation & ground works package therefore reducing your risk and costs of having to manage the integration of specialist sub-contractors.

Rising costs of temporary works: We are use a multi-use purpose working surface which stays in-situ and replaces the need for installing and removing expensive piling mats.

Trench collapse: Our raft foundation is safer – as we don’t require deep excavated trenches, therefore eliminating the risk of trench collapse.

Increasing costs associated to landfill tax: the Chancellor of Exchequer is committed to increasing landfill tax year on year to 2020 and possibly beyond. The Speedeck foundation solution requires significantly less soil to be removed off-site. Hence, the cost of land fill taxes are minimised. You save money over traditional foundation solutions.

Programme certainty: Our foundation solution reduces risk in the ground and is less dependent on the weather. Our solution is simple and therefore ensures more confidence can be placed on construction programme. Our foundation solution has fewer stages and components.

Flexibility: Below ground obstructions:

When our piled raft solution is used, if a pile hits an obstruction below ground, usually we are able to relocate the pile and adjust our design immediately without causing significant delays.

Our process has been developed over many years of experience into our 7 Stage process to sustainable solutions, as follows:

Site Appraisal & Formulation of Concept Design

Further Soils Testing, if required

Detailed Design

Ground Enabling Works

Group Improvement/Piling

Raft Construction

Project de-brief & client feedback