New Build Projects, Residential and Commercial

Groundworks & Civils

SPEEDECK provide a full range of groundworks & civil engineering services expected

From site enabling works, selecting the most economic foundation scheme, roads, drainage and service work to footpaths and external paving. All work is undertaken with a high degree of professionalism, ensuring high levels of quality is applied to ensure our client’s expectations are met.


As part of our enabling services we are experienced in delivering site remediation strategies, site clearance and bulk excavation. Our experienced team analyses the required site profile proposing cut and fill strategies to minimise exporting soils from site


As a geotechnical specialist we are able to offer alternative valued engineered foundations schemes (see foundation packages). Depending on the quality of the sub-soils we are experienced in installing the following methods, strip, trench fill, pad, pile and ground beam, RC slabs.


Accurate installation of drainage is one of the core services of any groundworks contractor be it adoptable, private, pumped or attenuation. However, few drainage schemes are installed as designed, SPEEDECK work as part of your extended team proactively making recommendations to design out potential clashes to enable efficient site progress

External works

Being the only element of groundworks which is visible to the end user, it is of utmost importance that the externals works be visual pleasing as well as structurally sound. SPEEDECKs in house team are experienced in delivering quality finishing works to the highest standards.