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Bannister Road, Southampton

  • Care Home Provider
  • Doves, Bannister Road, Southampton, Hampshire
  • 1 units, Apartment Block

Project Overview

SPEEDECK designed a thinner than typical slab for an apartment block for a Care Home provider in Southampton, overcoming on-site restrictions and enhancing coordination with all the parties to produce an effective foundation.

  • 40% concepting
  • 10% detailed design
  • 50% duration on site.
Time Spent Data

Concept Design

For the concept design of this project, SPEEDECK designed a thinner than typical slab for the apartment block.

The primary objective was to enable the drainage to remain shallow due to the connections into the main runs outside the site.

To address this, the slab thickness was kept to a minimum, with the drainage combined within the slab where heave precautions were required.

Design Engineering

SPEEDECK’s foundation design was a significant deviation from the initially recommended compliant scheme, requiring innovative engineering and effective collaboration.

SPEEDECK conducted a thorough Heave Precautions assessment and liaised with the warranty provider to remove the need for heave precautions beneath the foundation.

The challenge of restricted drainage levels affected more than just the foundation contractor. SPEEDECK improved coordination with all involved parties, responding quickly to site constraints and ensured the design was complete prior to starting on-site, 6 weeks after instruction.


SPEEDECK’s construction of the raft foundation for the apartment included piling, and the offering of a waterproof lift pit, backed by a materials guarantee. The construction was efficient, with the handover of the first part of the slab in 5 weeks and the total slab successfully handed back in a 12-week timeframe.

Project Conclusion

By successfully designing the slab to efficiently manage drainage and coordinate with all parties demonstrates SPEEDECK’s ability to deliver quality foundation solutions that cater to the complexities of each site.

Our proven expertise in efficient drainage management and robust foundation construction ensures your project’s success with tailored solutions for your site. Get in Touch with us today to discuss how we can bring our innovative approach to your next project.

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