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Engineering & QA

At SPEEDECK, we place a high emphasis on producing high-quality work sustainably. Our commitment to excellence ensures that every project is executed with meticulous attention to detail and stringent quality control measures. By integrating sustainable practices into our operations, we not only deliver superior results but also contribute positively to the environment. Choose SPEEDECK for unmatched quality, sustainability, and reliable performance in every foundation project.


We’re committed to helping our clients create safe and reliable structures that will stand the test of time – working with us, you can be confident that your project will be delivered with the highest level of quality and care.

Quality Assurance of SPEEDECK's Engineering

The steps we take to ensure a solid and smooth design and build process:

Step 01:

Inspection test plan (ITP)

The Inspection test plan (ITP) is a key control document used throughout the project to ensure accuracy and timely delivery. An ITP is implemented for all of our projects, no matter the size or complexity, in order to achieve consistent results to the correct specification.

The goals of the ITP are to:

  • Ensure that all projects are delivered accurately to the correct specification
  • Minimise surprises during or after construction
  • Achieve repeatable quality in our products and services.
Engineering & QA inspection plan
Step 02:

Designated Concrete Mixes

Designated concrete mixes are an important part of our standard concrete specifications. By using designated concrete mixes, we are specifying a concrete that is produced inline with BS8500. This also requires the producer to produce concrete to quality standards specified within BS EN ISO 9000. This negates the need to take site specific concrete cubes.

  • Designated concrete mixes help to ensure that foundations are built to specifications and meet quality standards.
  • Using designated concrete mixes can help avoid potential problems down the line by ensuring that the correct mix is used from the start.
  • Quality assurance of foundation schemes is important in order to maintain safety and structural integrity
Engineering & QA Designated Concrete Mixes
Step 03:

Pile Integrity Testing

SPEEDECK arrange for 100% Pile integrity testing as a vital quality assurance step in our foundation engineering schemes. By testing the integrity of each pile, potential damages to the structure of the pile can be validated before progressing with further sub-structure works.

  • Pile integrity testing should be carried out on all CFA, SFA and auger bored piles.
  • SPEEDECK arranges for 100% pile integrity testing through 3rd party vendors.
  • By testing the integrity of each pile, any potential damages to the structure can be identified and validated before progressing with further works.
Engineering & QA Pile Integrity Testing
Step 04:

As-Built Survey

As-built surveys are crucial in ensuring the accuracy of our SPEEDECK solution. By conducting as built surveys we are able to verify that our build meets the quality and accuracy requirements inline with our specification. By taking these surveys we are able to record the final construction dimensions of the structure along with any changes made throughout the construction process.

This is beneficial because:

  • It assures that the engineering of their foundation scheme is correct
  • The dimensions of the final product will be exact
  • We will be able to see if there were any changes made during construction and why those changes were necessary.
Engineering & QA As-Built Survey

Operational Procedures

As part of our commitment to quality, we have developed extensive operational procedures which cover every aspect of our work. SPEEDECK have a number of operational procedures in place to ensure that our quality and standards are met and exceeded on every project.

Our procedures cover the full range of works from pre-construction activities through to completion and handover. If you would like to learn more, please do not hesitate to get in touch. We would be happy to discuss your specific requirements.

Operational Procedures