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Concrete Working Platforms

The concrete working platform provides a multi-functional surface, whilst also adding a cleaner working site environment.


Benefits of our concrete working surface

Step 01:

Eliminates need for engineered mat

Our Concrete Working Surfaces eliminate the requirement for an engineered piling mat, traditionally requiring between 300-500 mm of crushed concrete.

The concrete working surface also as a working platform to facilitate the construction of our reinforced concrete slab.

The additional benefit of using a concrete working surface is that in the event of adverse weather, the working area becomes sealed. This maintains site productivity whilst promoting a clean and safe working area.

concrete working surface
Step 02:

Formation preparation

Our clients groundworks team will typically complete the reduced level dig to the proposed area of the plot including, 1mtr working space.

Once the formation has been prepared accordingly, SPEEDECKs site engineer will set out the plot area ahead of the concrete installation.

Formation preparation
Step 03:

Installation of concrete blinding

Concrete blinding consists of a layer of plain concrete, usually 50 to 100 mm thick,  laid over the compacted soil surface before the actual foundation construction begins.

This foundational process ensures stability and durability for the structure, making it a fundamental aspect of our construction projects.

Our in house concreting team install concrete blinding to the necessary depth, typically below the frost line, to ensure stability. After excavation, soil compaction and levelling, a layer of blinding concrete is laid over the prepared soil surface. The concrete is evenly spread and compacted to achieve uniformity in thickness.

concrete working platform - installation of concrete blinding