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Kings Down, Bridgewater

  • Client
    National House Builder
  • Location
    Kings Down, Bridgewater, Somerset
  • No. of Units
    80 units, Low-rising housing

Project Overview

SPEEDECK delivered the foundations for 80 low-rise housing units in Somerset over a ten week period for Countryside Partnerships. Under complex ground conditions containing soft tidal flat deposits, our engineered foundation scheme saved around 15m per pile and huge cost savings for our client.

  • 40% concepting
  • 20% detailed design
  • 40% duration on site.
Time Spent Data
Image - Kings Down, Bridgewater

Concept Design

A significant geotechnical challenge was managing tricky ground conditions characterised by soft tidal flat deposits – extensive, nearly horizontal marshy lands alternately covered and uncovered by the rise and fall of the tide.

We saved approximately 15m per pile, compared to using the driven piling foundation scheme. This resulted in many tens of thousands of savings for the client.

Navigating the CS2 ground gas conditions, SPEEDECK eliminated the need for venting. This streamlined the construction process and reduced additional expenses and complexities.

SPEEDECK were able to remove the need for Heave Precautions despite the medium volume change potential of the shallow clays, due to the soft, wet nature of the soils.

Image - Kings Down, Bridgewater
Image - Kings Down, Bridgewater
Image - Kings Down, Bridgewater
Image - Kings Down, Bridgewater

Design Engineering

SPEEDECK demonstrated innovative solutions for engineering piled and raft foundations. Our collaboration with the warranty provider was pivotal in adapting the construction approach, which was not considered normal for the area.

SPEEDECK utilised the CWS (Concrete Working Surface) to circumvent the need for traditional piling platforms.

Collaborated with NHBC to get approval for a piling method that deviated from the norm. SPEEDECK’s comprehensive heave report also successfully obtained agreement from the NHBC to remove heave precautions.

The team managed to secure approval for a pile load testing regime that did not disrupt the project timeline. This was crucial in validating the use of Continuous Flight Auger (CFA) piling in the project’s soft soil conditions.

Image - Kings Down, Bridgewater
Image - Kings Down, Bridgewater


Demonstrating exceptional project management and technical expertise, SPEEDECK undertook a challenging residential project with remarkable outcomes.

SPEEDECK successfully installed and completed all 81 housing units within a timeframe of 10 weeks, including underslab drainage and test piles.

The entire scope of work received the official sign-off from the NHBC, along with the completion of all necessary as-builts documents and drawings.

The project highlights SPEEDECK’s engineering expertise and project management by constructing engineered foundation solutions that effectively navigate unique ground challenges such as those posed by tidal flat deposits for housing developments.

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