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Kenn Road, Clevedon

  • Care Home Provider
  • Kenn Road, Clevedon, Somerset
  • 1 units, Care Home

Project Overview

SPEEDECK undertook the design and build foundations for a care home at Kenn Road in Clevedon, aligning our expertise with the vision of a leading care home provider known for its specialised retirement villages, and with acute timelines for this project.

Ensuring the resultant care home foundations were optimised for current needs and its proposed design life, using our Geo-Structural prowess, we realised a 25% saving on piles for the foundation.

This care home project epitomises our commitment to synergising intricate technical knowledge with practical on-ground solutions, delivering unparalleled value to our clients.

  • 40% concepting
  • 10% detailed design
  • 50% duration on site.
Time Spent Data

Concept Design

SPEEDECK aligned our methodical approach with client site pressures to successfully introduce a more streamlined foundation solution:

Prioritised Efficiency: SPEEDECK enhanced the ground model’s efficiency, resulting in 25% fewer piles than initially anticipated and a streamlined construction process – inline with the rapid development needs of the client.

Streamlined Foundations: By eliminating traditional elements like the pile mat, ground beams, substructure brickwork, and beam and block floor, we were able to reduce components and expedite build times.

Introduction of Concrete Raft: The incorporation of a concrete raft not only guarantees a robust foundation but also provides a more efficient and seamless construction process.

Client-Centric Approach: Provided confidence in the use of CFA piles, aligning with client’s preference and against the popular insistence on Driven Precast Piles.

Risk Mitigation: Understanding the paramount importance of safety and reliability in care home constructions, we provided all-risk coverage on the pile length and structural foundations package.

Design Engineering

SPEEDECK’s confirmed technical and detailed designs aligned with tender allowances, circumventing potential ground obstructions and optimising financial outcomes:

One of the main challenges was the site’s existing piles from its previous use. Our design was able to integrate these structures into the reinforced slab and pile layout without the risk of incurring additional costs.

Initially, the proposed compliant scheme included heave precautions beneath the foundation, but with SPEEDECK’s comprehensive assessment and communication with the warranty provider, these precautions were designed out.

We accelerated turnaround time for drawings allowing for the client’s approval to be secured quickly and efficiently.


The construction phase was characterised by swift progress and implementation. With a keen focus on durability, quality and speed, SPEEDECK ensured the project progressed seamlessly:

The construction of a waterproof lift pit provided durability and long-term value, backed by a materials guarantee.

SPEEDECK handed over the slab’s first section in just five weeks, and completed the entire reinforced slab in a total of 10 weeks. This marked a 40% increase in speed compared to alternative proposals.

Project Conclusion

Strategic decision making throughout this project allowed for an accelerated turnaround time without compromising on quality. Our effective liaison with warranty providers and other stakeholders was also essential in ensuring the project’s execution over just ten weeks.

Adaptable design solutions were implemented to address existing challenges, which speaks to our flexibility in providing bespoke solutions for each project that aligns with the pressures of the client.

The use of sustainable and efficient construction methods highlights the company’s commitment to environmental preservation.

Understanding of client preferences played a pivotal role in delivering a project that met and exceeded expectations and this project further cements SPEEDECK’s position as a leader in providing cutting-edge solutions for retirement villages and care home apartments.

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