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Park Lane, Finchampstead

  • National Housebuilder
  • Park Lane, Finchampstead, Wokingham
  • 78 units, + Garages (4,684m2)

Project Overview

SPEEDECK led the development of 78 units with associated garages in Park Lane, Finchampstead for a national housebuilder over 16 weeks (including underslab drainage). The first 12 showroom units were released after 6 weeks despite challenging and wet weather conditions.

This project represented an opportunity to demonstrate our industry-leading expertise in providing innovative and sustainable foundations, which directly respond to the unique challenges presented by the ground and the developments’ specific needs.

Detailed analysis and a combination of foundation solutions were required across the site, with our resulting scheme providing an increased speed of construction ahead of the Part L regulations deadline. 

  • 40% concepting
  • 10% detailed design
  • 50% duration on site.
Time Spent Data

Concept Design

During the concept design phase, our analysis enabled us to highlight areas of concern and develop a targeted action plan:

Replacement of Deep Strip Scheme
SPEEDECK recognised that the common deep strip scheme, although compliant with warranty providers, was not the most effective strategy for the conditions of the site.

Our bespoke foundation scheme focused on a combination of voided and non-voided piled rafts, designed and implemented on a plot-by-plot basis. This approach required a higher level of attention to detail and precision, yet allowed for optimal foundations across the entire site.

This solution provided not just a safer and more sustainable choice, but also a more robust foundation when compared to the deep strip scheme.

Significant Savings in Muck Away
We were able to reduce the amount of Muck-away required to be taken off-site by opting for our foundation solution over the deep strip scheme. This resulted in considerable savings in terms of both time and money and enhanced the efficiency of the overall construction process.

Carried out Heave Assessment
By carrying out a heave assessment, we were able to minimise excavation time and reduce muck away further by identifying and mitigating against potential ground movement.

Eliminated the Need for Shoring and Potential Dewatering of Trenches
One of the most significant benefits of our scheme was the elimination of trench shoring. Trench shoring is often a critical part of construction; however, it’s also time-consuming, costly, and energy-intensive. By eliminating the need for this process, we not only improved efficiency and reduced costs but also lessened our environmental impact.

Moreover, our approach also mitigated the need for potential dewatering of the trenches. This process can lead to additional costs, potential delays in the construction timeline, and a significant amount of energy use. By avoiding dewatering, we further reduced our environmental footprint.

Further Site Investigation
To ensure the foundations met warranty provider requirements, additional site investigations were carried out. These site investigations satisfied warranty provider requirements and helped provide an optimal scheme design.

Design Engineering

The design engineering phase built upon the solutions provided during the conception stage.

The SPEEDECK team liaised with the Warranty provider on the client’s behalf regarding heave, in order to provide further value to the scheme.

SPEEDECK’s Concrete Working Surface was utilised throughout, in lieu of granular piling mats. This generated significant savings in cost and time.


Our in-house teams handed over, implementing the various piled-raft foundation designs over 16 weeks, with the first tranche of 12 Units released after six weeks in difficult and wet weather. This notable speed of construction allowed for units to be installed ahead of the Part L Regulations Deadline. The total Duration of Works inclusive of installation of Under-slab Drainage for 78nr Units + Garages (4,684m2) was 16 Weeks.

Our liaison with both the client and ground-worker allowed for effective communication regarding site preparation and build routes, resulting in further time savings for the programme.

We followed an internal inspection and testing plan to ensure sign-off by the building inspector and avoided any delays. Our teams dedication and attention to detail allowed for a successful piling operation and handover of the project within an efficient timeframe, especially considering the challenging weather conditions.

Project Conclusion

Through a blend of innovative engineering and meticulous planning, SPEEDECK transformed a complex ground situation into a successful development of 78 units, meeting our national house-builder client’s specific needs and surpassing expectations.

Our team’s effective communication, in-depth site investigations, and proven design engineering methodology ensured seamless transitions across all project phases. We ensured regulatory compliance and delivered ahead of the Part L regulations deadline, a testament to our construction speed without compromising on quality or safety.

The successful completion of the Park Lane, Finchampstead project underscores our commitment to sustainable and efficient construction.

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